Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Zhe Li
Zhe Li is an experimental graphic designer with a strong passion for digital works, motion graphic and interaction design. His work is carried out with the aim of establishing detailed conceptual, thoughtful, and playful designs. He pays particular attention to the possibilities of experimental interactive graphic design in the future and enjoy exploring new subject areas such as virtuality&reality, human identity and surrealism. Furthermore, Therefore, his work usually re-examines and judges existing social phenomena through a new way and angle to arouse the thinking of audiences.

In his opinion, the essence of graphic design lies in communication and spread. Graphic design is used to express the views that need to be heard by the audience, and the form of design is to communicate with the audience better visually. Thus, he is more focused on communication and interaction with the audience through visual means.

No Definition

Nowadays, with the advent of virtual reality modules, it offers alternative versions and visions of reality so that it makes people believe that virtual reality is hard to separate from reality. Virtual reality exists in the physical world, and the physical world is distorted by the influence of interaction forces. This project is to reflect the conflict between Virtual reality and reality and twist audience’s usual ideas about what is ‘virtuality’ and ‘reality.’ This project is inspired by Magritte’s work -“This is not a pipe”. The definition of the things we are familiar with can be changed. The objects that people see may be different from their real definitions. In this project, I created VR space to show this collision and provided visual confusion for audiences, and this visual impact has caused us to explore and curiosity to more clearly express the concept of ‘No Definition’.

Jet Wash Culture

This project is to design and build a visual system to promote a series of events at the V&A. In order to explore the ‘image of music’ and interrogate visual languages by reviewing the aesthetic and social effects that these periods have had on society, attitudes, fashion and creative thought. I will choose the most representative musical style from these four specific decades. At the same time, I intend to create some visual elements and critical language to let the audience feel the specific music atmosphere. For example, the 1960s was a period of turmoil in society, fashion and attitude. After the second world war, young people began to question the original values and protest everything in the mainstream of society. Thus, the title "hand to eye" expresses the changes of the original things. And also, Hippie is the most popular music style during this time. Hippies advocated nonviolence and love, a popular phrase being “Make love, not war,” , they started taking marijuana and LSD. Because LSD makes people feel happy and makes people see a colorful and unreal world, hence, I created some psychedelic visual elements to express this concept.

The Inner World

Nowadays, with the advent of virtual reality modules, more and more people immerse themselves in the virtual world(game world) to escape reality. 'The Inner World' is a non-violent exploratory video game, players will go through the labyrinth of their inner world to explore what are the personal values in their life. During the game, players will face different kinds of experiences, challenges and some impossible objects that tell you not to do this. It depends on what kinds of the line( life experiences) you choose. In this project, I will explore the possibility of combination of virtuality and reality. Is it possibile to highlight the difference between virtuality and reality? This project aim is to combine reality with virtuality to create a new world. Helping people who usually escape reality and immerse themselves in a virtual world in order to redefine self-worth. And also it is aim to prevent more young people from encountering the same problem. With the purpose of guiding young people to find their own life value.

Industry Practice//Sexism Everyday

This project is aim to respond RSA brief-"Everyday Sexism". I will explore the feminism and sexism in science fiction film. The female cyborgs always exists in science fiction film. Male engineers create female cyborgs to meet the needs of men. They give the power and ability to her while they can control it even destory it. What's the definiation of female cyborg? How can I use some different motion patterns to represent the meaning of my subject? These are the questions I need to explore, analysis and develop in this project.

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