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Yanni Ma
I am Yanni Ma, a graphic designer, originally from China and studies in China, Leeds and London. I have a great passion for art and graphic design. The different education background let me worked enthusiastically to explore a range of artistic influences, many techniques, processes and a variety of materials. I have been delighted with the development of my editorial and branding design skill, also interested in a different type of printmaking and explore the moving image. Using a mixed media approach have all helped me grow in confidence and in my ability to realize my ideas.



My research topic is about milk tea. In today's society, milk tea has become one of the drinks that young people have to drink almost every day, and these two years are particularly popular. At first, the buying frenzy caused by the fresh and unique packaging of several individual tea shops. Young people to buy milk tea or even to queue up, this marketing approach will cause every customer who buys milk tea to take a picture of milk tea and publish it on a social platform. Over time, more and more milk tea brands have designed attractive packages and attracted many customers.
So, I want to create a new milk tea system, a novel product packaging, a variety of colour matching, packaging changes according to the taste of milk tea. At the same time, it also creates related peripheral products.


For this project, I need to produce a physical resolved typographic piece that enhances the viewer's understanding of the messages and meanings contained within a text via the use of sophisticated and ambitious material construction. After thinking some ideas and flipping through a book recommended by my friend which is The 100-year life, I found a quote that is worth studying. After the translation, this sentence is: Life is a concert.
First of all, according to my understanding, I think that everyone's life is vibrant and colourful. Of course, there are ups and downs. Some people's lives are full of adventures. Some people's lives are stable, some are comfortable, and they are romantic and mysterious. In the same way, a concert is also ups and downs, colourful. I bought some second- hand vinyl records, I used it as a base of the model, and then each vinyl record represents a colour. The front of each vinyl record is a line of letters. Because it is easy to identify, it is also a way to convey colour and mood visually. And I expressed the actual meaning of each colour abstractly on the other side of the vinyl record.


This project about me in a period of time was suffering from a sleep disorder problem. I have to make a moving image that presents my dream to the audience, hopes when people watching my video can felt how to depress when you have a sleep disorder problem.


The purpose of this book is to explore how the data can be visualisation. And easy for the reader to read and find the data that they are looking for. Since many people do not control their eating habits, the calories burned by the food they consume and the calories they consume are not very clear. So, I want to combine numbers and images in an intuitive visual way, making it attractive for readers to read. I would like to focus on food's calories and fitness. Because more and more people are paying attention to their body and physical health. Therefore, for this group of people, they keep diet and control the daily calorie intake. People can read my publication before they eat food, this means they will have an idea of how much exercise need to do after they eat. The book is divided into six sections, each of which is a food category. Books are sorted from the low to high calories of the food itself for easy access. I did a Coptic binding of my publication. The reason why I designed each category in a different size because the purpose of this publication was letting the reader can find out the information if they want. So, the different size will be much quicker for the reader to use.

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