Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Stephanie Fung
Hi I'm Stephanie. I am a motion graphics designer who specialises with 3D animations/design. I grew passionate with 3D motion graphics in my 2nd year of university and have been constantly honing my skills ever since. My skillset ranges from Adobe suite, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Unity.

As much as I enjoy creating 3D animations, I am also interested in working creative technology and interaction design which includes virtual reality and augmented reality. These technologies have a new aptitude of showing 3D design and I aim to work more with these technologies to push the boundaries of 3D design. It is also the reason why I spent the past few months learning how to use Unity to combine my Cinema 4D skills for my virtual reality project.

Aside from university, I have also spent a year within industry doing internships with companies such as The Mill and freelancing for The Face, Studio Moross and Digi-Gal. Each project worked within the realm of 3D design and 3D animations for brands and advertising.

See my portfolio for more work.

Digi-Gal Festival

This project required me to brand a festival of my choice. I decided to use Digi-Gal as the community I wanted to represent. Digi-Gal is a community which supports 3D designers/animators who are female, trans and non binary. The theme for this design festival is anonymity with sass because it was important to show the awesome work the community makes rather than focus on gender.

This festival is theoretical.

Made with Cinema 4D, Houdini and AE.

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Duality of Culture - Life of a British Born Chinese

Using virtual reality to put people within a British Born Chinese (BBC) perspective. This light-hearted narrative aims to inform people who are unaware of the culture identity confusion that BBC’s go through - some feel more British, some feel more Chinese and a lot of BBC’s are still figuring out what their dual identity means to them.

Made with Unity and Cinema 4D.

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Hip Hop Typography

Exploring the three dance styles that started the hip hop dance culture through typography. Each style is represented with a different texture and movement which is associated to the dance style.

Created with Cinema 4D and AE.

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