Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Meli Berney
At the beginning of any projects I always ask myself, ‘What should this message represents?’ - ‘What type of connotation should it generated in the observer?’ These types of questions enable me to create design which guide the viewers visually to a clear communication.

I am a graphic designer principally interested in interactivity. In my work, I test the boundaries between print and interactive media. Interactivity plays an important role in my design development, as it enables me to transmit information through diversifies medias, beyond the profession itself.


Based on the text ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, this project aims to encourage the readers to read this one sentence of 4391 words. This font varies between two states ‘the continuity’ and ‘the disruption’ to show where the readers break the text. The interactive website enables the readers to visually transform the typography and layout based singularly on their voice and reading. By mixing print and interactive media, this project seeks out new ways of experiencing a text.

This is not a walk in the forest

This project asks the following question: How, as graphic designers, we may integrate other senses than sight in communication? This book is a starting point to engage graphic designers to think and reflect on the use and value of senses in visual communication.

No sense can truly exist in isolation from the rest. This book is a multi sen- sorial editorial which stimulates different senses, smell, sound, touch and sight. The visual are not in concordance with the other senses. Thus, by expecting a specific smell, touch or sound, the user realises how senses are all connected.

With this idea, I had the opportunity to challenge and push the boundaries of editorial design by exploring a new kind of ‘reading’ experience, by expe- rimenting with the incorporation of multiple senses to print and by questio- ning how we might use the medium of print in the future.

In defence of the ugly

How an awareness of ugliness can be an added value to the learning process in graphic design? The objectives of the thesis consist of a discussion of ugliness in graphic design, while considering its relevance in education.

A year in industry

This book presents my critical perspective on the current industry and social context, by reflecting on the discipline itself.

A storytelling

How many different meanings can be collected from the same book?’ This project questions the role of culture in relation to the semiotic system, by testing new techniques to transmit information in the reading of images.

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