Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Matthew Ryan Cooke
I am a multidisciplinary designer from the UK with a passion for identity, typography and editorial, working in both print and digital mediums. Having worked at both the Financial Times: How To Spend It in London, and AMEN Gestaltung in Munich, I have experience in both large and small studios. As a designer I am heavily influenced by the world around me and wider culture, having written heavily about the role of design within society, and more recently, exploring how design and mass media has shaped the environmental movement throughout history.

Design is the ancient craft of making a mark. Much like the explorers & pioneers of old, we create identities, we forge, we build and most importantly we inspire. This is something which I strive to express throughout all of my work, placing emphasis on the personal, human touch within design.

Hiemal Surf Fest

Hiemal Surf Fest is a traveling festival based in Bristol, Galway and Newcastle, celebrating the culture of winter surfing across the British Isles through art, film and talks.

The identity makes use of simple lines which represent ocean currents and swells, whilst typographic elements are italicised to both the right and left in order to symbolise the direction in which waves break and travel. The visual identity produced has been applied to a range of outcomes, from print to digital.

The Sun

Identity for The Sun, a pub based in London. The identity makes use of a typographic system comprising of three traditional British typefaces which is used throughout all elements. This system also comes together to create four alternating logos which keep the same format whilst each using different typefaces for different letters. Illustrations of furniture and letterpress textures have also been used to represent the eclectic, vintage and imperfect nature of the pub’s interior. This identity was applied to a menu, beer mats, event poster and website.

Evergreen Campaign

Forest cover in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe, with planting rates remaining continually falling below target despite countless pledges by the government. Due to this, the UK is heading into a state of net-deforestation as we are loosing more forests than we are gaining. Evergreen is a campaign produced to raise awareness around this issue.

The campaign makes use of a direct and contemporary identity, using neon green and bold typographic slogans in order to capture the attention of millennials, working across both print and digital deliverables.

Visual Summary

A designed visual summary produced for my final two major projects, Hiemal Surf Fest & Evergreen Campaign, which show my research, process and development work undertaken throughout the projects.

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