Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Ka Sing Lau, Dexter
I am Ka Sing Lau, Dexter. A Chinese graphic designer with a passion for visual communication and experience design.

Through these years in LCC, I realized that design is a bridge or intermediary that connects the audiences and values behind designs. An appropriate design is always more important than how it looks. I love observing and creating, and I believe that the responsibility and eligibility of being a good designer are to innovate boldly and adjust prudentially.

Jet Wash Culture - The Image of Music

This project proposes a series of posters relevant to the atmosphere and music of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. The visual system constructs by over 6000 dots and 5 layers, and It creates a visual effect of positive and negative spaces which able to mix colours and images in a suitable long distance perspective. Moreover, the visual system of the four posters represents the unique music patterns of the four different music genres in the four periods and the music patterns base on my experiments of music frequency.


The design philosophy behind the “Impermanence Installation” is to express the “impermanence” aesthetic and philosophical concepts with natural and inconsistent device structures. And the optical illusion of the “Impermanence Installation” represents the process of life and the concept of Impermanence that life and things can only last for a limited time. Furthermore The process of observing the “Impermanence Installation” shows the Buddhist philosophy theory that the basic element of human existence is Skandhas:

Rūpa (Form), body, form or matter is a phenomenon

Vedanā (Sensation), the ability of feeling received from Form.

Saṃjñā (Perception), the ability to conceptualise Form.

Saṅkhāra (Mental Activity), Tendency or mental activity to lead to do something.

Vijñāna (Consciousness) is the cause of consciousness, and it recognises consciousness itself.


Visual Identification System in APP design

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