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Jingfan Lei
I'm jingfan, a graphic designer and branding designer. I have a great passion for branding design, enjoy to build connections between customer and brand. I believe the customer experience is one of the important parts of the branding. I am obsessed with visual creation, I really like to play with pictures and text, and change them at will, so typography has always been my interest.

I also like to study different materials and use them to better present my work. I like to make works that give the audience ’experience‘, So I pay great attention to the interactivity of the work.

Chinese traditional culture festival---QingMing Festival.

The Qingming festival also is known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, are a traditional Chinese festival and a time of joy and sadness, Qing Ming Festival celebrates the rebirth of spring whilst remembering deceased loved ones. It’s a poignant holiday that honours the deceased with celebrants visiting loved ones’ graves and burial grounds to pray and pay respects.

How to introduce a Chinese native festival to people who don’t understand Chinese culture is a big problem, so based on the research of the Qingming Festival, I decided to extract the Qingming customs as part of my identity system. I believe presenting the most distinctive elements is the best way for customers to understand the festival.

In the design, I conducted a lot of experiments to observe the different effects of different pictures and processing methods. At the same time, I made questionnaires for Chinese speakers and English speakers both to collect their feedback on my design.

Food Ingredients language system

Many restaurant menus want to show they are an authentic restaurant, they often add a lot of local language to the menu. This undoubtedly caused reading difficulties for people who did not understand the language, especially if the menu did not explain the dish separately. Imagine how many languages you need to know when you looking at a menu.

The recipe distinguishes different types by shape, triangles represent vegetables, squares represent meat, and pentagons represent aquatic animals. Then, by distinguishing the ingredients, for example, the triangle is a vegetable, what is the colour of the edible area? The part to eat (seed, fruit etc.)? And plant species (cabbage, beans etc.). The audience first judges which kind of food belongs to by recognizing the shape. Then, by learning the recipe, they can locate the positions of several points and know which kind of food is according to the different characteristics of the ingredients.

This is a language that needs to be learned, so it is not understandable at first. By learning this language, you will gradually understand and use the language. Just like a safety sign, if every country uses the language to make a menu, even if you go to another country, reading the menu will never be a problem. Such food ingredients language can also help people who are allergic to certain ingredients to be safe during travel.

Medicine package

This is a branding project about 'Human Health, The further'. This brand is a brand which using nanorobotics to help people have their own physical examination at home without going to the hospital, this product will send a report to the doctor and record medical records.

We take the physical examination once a year or twice a year When you want to have a physical examination you need to make an appointment with the doctor and leave time to do this. This product is aim to using nanorobotics to help you save your time, and give you a more clear and comprehensive examination just using molecular size robotics.

The outcome will be a packaging design for this brand. What I am looking for is medicine packaging. The reason is nanorobotics only got the molecular size, it can put in a tablet or capsule. In this time I want to do some different packaging, not like the normal medicine packaging in the storage shelf.

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