Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Inhae Sohn
Hello, my name is Inhae Sohn.

I am a graphic designer who specialises in sensory and brand design, working with both print and digital media. My goal is to create a strong concept behind all my projects whilst keeping the design clean, simple and effective.

Tactility and sound system

What type of sounds do you expect to hear with these different textures of the character 'A'?

This self-initiated project was inspired by Sarah Hyndman. Conceptual and research-based, the aim of this project was to interact with (tactility) and a sound system. The alphabet "A", is an experimental object taken from my previous project about packaging for the visually disabled. In that project, I used different types of materials to create various textures which I have linked to this current project.

shape of you

This project aims to create a design that can express with smell and shape. A brief summary of the project is to create an object with space where people can comfortably navigate through the many problems with a yellow ribbon and remember the victims of the year-long arc. There is only one memorial exhibition and it is a project that is made every year. In this exhibition of the scent of the sea, the viewer feels the model and the smell and wished to honour the victims. At first, I will display only the liquid with the fragrance of the sea, the model and the ship which float in it. People go and fold the boat and put it in the box. These ships all symbolize the victims. As a thing that keeps a year away, the rain will go inside, which also means the moment of sinking and the smell will get thicker when you receive the solar heat. The boat from the beginning is going to sink for a year, and the smell will get thinner and thinner. As time goes on, it will gradually get thinner in our memories as well, but it will be reminded of our awareness again after a year.


These are the posters which are part of the deliverable of my final project called ‘Mainstage’. This
project is about us to create visual identities that structure some part of the brand involvement for
a social-cultural festival that I have chosen.
In my perspective, these posters are the best way to communicate the message in terms of
the festival I created. My festival is a Korean mask festival based in London for kids around
primary school age. Because the main event opens at night time, I used screen printing with ink
that glows in the dark to make the mask in the poster glows at night.

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