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Hugh van der Lande
Hey! I’m Hugh, i’m a Graphic Designer, Logo Designer and Lettering Artist living in London. Throughout my degree I have focused on brand design, typography and campaigns. In my third year I had a year in industry - for six months I worked with companies large and small and also did some charity work. The second half of the year, and also much of my course, I freelanced.

I have worked on way wayfinding and architectural signage for the interior and exterior of buildings. I have provided design services from logos and full brand identities, to many individuals, businesses and organisations and I have designed websites, some with commerce features, portfolio presentation sites and sites for charity events. I also completed a number of sign painting projects, including a large scale mural behind a bar in one of London’s craft breweries.

Bellow are some snippets of my recent projects, but check out my full portfolio at - CV available on request.

Mainstage // Ferm Fest

Ferm Fest is a visual identity project of a contemporary cultural festival, the Fermentation Festival, or ‘Ferm Fest’. A festival of alcohol made by the fermentation process, consisting of beer, cider, wine and hard liquor, taking place on Hove Lawns, Brighton.

Throughout the branding I created a 6-weight typeface, focusing on 3 of the weights, the most detailed weight for the largest applications, the medium weight with just a shadow for the headline sized applications, and the solid character weight for the smallest applications. These will be complimented by Futura PT Book for any blocks of body needed in the identity.

The colour palette for the identity has been selected for its bold colours that have the vibrancy of the summer months, and celebrates the vibrant city in which the festival takes place, Brighton. The colours are also associated specifically with the seafront of Brighton & Hove, as seen in the brightly painted beach huts running down the edge of Hove Lawns on the sea front.

The poster design is the foundation to the whole identity. Taking the typeface designed for the identity a typographic hierarchy has been used to guide the viewer around the design.

This identity was accompanied by a full media package of assets.

Mind Over Matter // You're Not Alone

You’re Not Alone, is a campaign aimed at students. Designed to gently motivate those who are suffering from mental health to seek support. And for friends of those suffering, to not only notice that someone may been in need of support, but to support them, and encourage conversation. To do this, I created the campaign ‘You’re Not Alone’, to gently motivate people to a landing page, where information can be found and queries directed to the right people who are able to help and support best.

Slogans are used as relatable feelings someone may be having to help engage the viewer. The minimal design, is used to catch the eye together with the use of typographic hierarchy and composition. This encourages the viewer to read the short captions without being overwhelmed with information, as much mental health advertising often does. There is then information and a QR code that directs people to the website where they can find more information and be directed to someone that can help them individually.

Major Project // Visual Summary

Both of the above projects, shared a Visual Summary, a book designed to show the process and development of the two projects. Starting with the receipt of the brief, the visual summary consists of research, idea selection, development, creation and reflection.

This was displayed as a spiral bound publication, with a cover which was designed to wrap around the document and go in at a point, dividing the two projects.

Industry Practice // Interpretype

Interpretype, for this Industry Practice project, I constructed a survey to see how people interpret different styles of typography in the context of retail clothing. I then designed an outcome visually displaying the results I gathered. To create this I learned a new binding technique called ‘concertina’ bound and hand bound it myself.

Folded out, on the front I display the 6 designs from the survey, with a brief highlight and summary of the results I received for each design, along with an insight as to why the design was used. On the reverse I present each question I asked, to each corresponding design, with the full results to my questions and show the full breakdown and trend in responses using simple, colourful infographics.

I also used the research I gathered from this project in my thesis. My thesis is called ’Typografood’, answering the question; ‘How do food brands use typography on packaging as a tool to attract consumers, and what are the ethical responsibilities for the designers working in this field?’ This can be viewed on my website.

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