Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Harriet Stallard
I have a strong rapport for Accessible design and Design for Change. I also focus on how we can develop the current art and design industry to make it available to everyone no matter on their impairment or disability. My passion behind graphic design lies with traditional processes such as Screenprinting, Letterpress and Old School print. I believe that these are still key areas within the industry that can positively impact how we address problems such as accessibility while combining them with new technology such as face recognition with HTML and CSS.

Bridging the Divide - Satellite

Start Bridging the Divide wants to push the boundaries of the art industry and specifically the accessibility within galleries and museums who are not government funded.

By focusing on this explicitly it will demonstrate how current shows and exhibitions neglect to fulfil the requirement of making all artwork and displays accessible to everyone.

Therefore, Start Bridging the Divide wants to demonstrate how museums and galleries can attempt to make the space and artwork accessible for everyone- no matter on the impairment.

Face Recognition Software - Industry Project

This project allowed for me to push my potential as a graphic designer and what would be possible within certain situations. After extensive research and developmental work I created a face recognition programme that converts the audiences face expressions into sound for people with visual impairments.

The concept was to see whether a blind person could 'see' a painting. The sound that is produced adapts and changes depending on who is looking at it. Therefore, the opinion of the sound will change every time, as it would if they were viewing the painting itself.

Tactile Maps - Self Initiated Project

For my self initiated project I wanted to focus on a different sense. Our touch is something we take full advantage of and so I wanted to use the same technique that is used within Braille but for the visual. Therefore, I decided to created a portable tactile map of LCC for the use of everybody but specifically those with visual impairments.

I did this project to question societies understandings of how we can incorporate people with disabilities (specifically visual impairments) within the world of art and design. I believe I have questioned societies understanding of inclusion, and why we expect people with disabilities to fit into a society that is designed for an able
bodied audience.

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