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Han Lin
Han Lin is a creative and enthusiastic individual with a wide artistic and design background. She has followed her studies in China,Taiwan and London, where the rich and multicultural soil let her creativity and knowledge grew up in the perfect environment. Her originality, boldness, and constancy are the keys to her design strategy, specialized in Poster and Editorial Design. Han prefers a craft-based approach, always exploring new mediums and processes of making, keeping a strong connection with the audience, through dynamic and interactive solutions.

Visual identity of China Hungry Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the 7th lunar month. A solemn holiday, the Ghost Festival represents the connections between the living and the dead, earth & heaven, body & soul. It is a month in which ghosts & spirits are believed to emerge out from the underworld to visit the earth and their loved ones. This month is more than just scary ghosts or superstitious taboos. It is a month full of love, love from the living to the dead. Ritual offerings of food are prepared, hell notes are burnt & also prayers are 'given' to the visiting ghosts & spirits as well as deities & ancestors. This conscious act of giving and burning things to the dead has, in turn, allow the livings to subconsciously gain virtues & good karma.

This project is the designers' attempt to contribute to society. The project created a series of the graphic identity of the Ghost Festival with the theme of "present". By presenting an age-old topic in an exciting format, the designer hopes to re-connect the younger generation with their culture and traditions.

Touching Memories (Satellite)

When I visit home, I miss being in London and when I am in the UK, I miss China. Homesickness is the emotion of individual subjective feelings, and poetry is one of the mediums for people to express their feelings.

This typographical book selected 8 Poems about "homesickness" from the Encyclopedia of American Poetry. The selected poems tell about the exploration of individual identification and original identity background by different people in various environments. The project also relates the typography and exploration of flock printing methods.


With the development of science and technology and the evolution of digital media, music develops from the original vinyl, tapes, and CDS, and later to the digitization. Modern people get and share music gradually from the entity to the virtualization. Behind the rapid development of digital music, music loses its carrier and becomes cheaper, convenient network and digitization make the physical carrier and the packaging of the music become no significance and value.

I take packaging and physical carrier of the music as its home, do a set of packaging design for music carrier, and by burning music home alluding to display the cheap music under the rapid development in digital music and irony towards such kind of phenomenon.

more detail: @betterhanlin

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