Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Ha Eun Kim
I am a designer with a background in studying art, photography, and graphic design. My experience of growing up in Dusseldorf, Moscow, Riga, Kyiv, London, Seoul, and Milan has allowed me to develop a multicultural perspective in designing. As a graphic designer, I have a strong appreciation for editorial design, typography, and art direction.

Industry Practice - 1%

1% is a project inspired by a quote by Ju Yoon Kim, CEO of Dot Incorporation that only 1 percent of all published books are available in braille for the visually impaired. This campaign aims to raise awareness for such inequalities through visual representations equivalent to 1 percent of Henri Matisse’s works. The paintings of Henri Matisse have been referenced within the publication.

Mainstage – ArtAnonym'19

ArtAnonym is an Anonymous Art Fair which aims for equal opportunities regardless of one’s background within the art industry. Selected artworks will solely be in the presence of the work itself, allowing the artwork to be appreciated over reputation. Images of artworks have been referenced within the project’s visual summary due to the anonymous nature of the project.

Satellite - Giorgio Morandi

Considering the importance of early art education, Giorgio Morandi is an activity book that aims to allow more children to easily and freely access earlier forms of art education. The book narrates across 15 activities, recommended to be worked across the span of 3 weeks. Each activity engages children to explore and understand the basic elements of art through the eyes of the well-known Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. Scanned artworks of Morandi have been referenced within the publication and visual summary.

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