Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Gianne Lue-Kong
Hi, my name is Gianne. I am an editorial designer, who has a growing interest in branding.

My approach to design is heavily research-based. I like to get to know the project and audience in-depth before I start designing. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the design process, from the initial conception of the idea to the production of the final outcome. This is especially evident when it comes to my editorial design, as I am an avid bookmaker and screen printer. I am an independent worker but I also work very well in a team.

I design because I want to make a difference. I design because I want to leave my mark in this world.

Instagram: gianne_lue_kong

Industry Practice: Satta

Catalogues have been a part of society since 1498. over the last century, catalogues have evolved and taken on many different forms. This project looked at the history of catalogues, what goes into making one and how they're used to further a brand and its product.

For this particular project, the brand I focused on was called Satta. This is a fairly small, London based brand which creates organic, unisex, environmentally friendly clothing. The brand didn't have any materials which they used to promote themselves, so I decided that I would create a lookbook, heavily inspired by the first next catalogue, which would embody the essence of the brand. I did this through the layout, the aesthetic, materials and the overall design of the lookbook.

Satellite: BLUE

For this editorial project, I had decided to explore the world of the colour blue. I created a piece which I thought embodied the colour blue, through the research and the experimentations I had created. The result was a limited edition book, which would belong to a series, exploring the field of colour and its boundaries.

I had chosen this topic as colour is a highly important element when it comes to creating a piece, as it catches the eye and draws the viewer in. The book showcases a range of art pieces, colour tests and experiments which effectively makes use of the colour blue in order to demonstrate the effect blue can have when used meaningfully.

Two Points: The London Park Project

This project explored and looked at two different locations in depth and compares them to each other. For this project, I looked at Primrose Hill and Blythe Hill Fields as my two locations. These were places of interests for me as they were complete opposites of each other in many ways: location, population, frequency and their general ethnography. However, they did share the fact that they were both hills of a similar height.

The outcome of this project is a mobile app which houses an interactive map, heavily inspired by Charles Booth's London Poverty Maps. My maps contained all of the gathered information on the two locations.

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