Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Gaeun Lee
Hello ! this is Gaeun Lee, a Korean graphic and media designer from London College of Communication. I have been always interested in graphic design, illustration and branding. I enjoy to design things for social change/issue and design using abstract image/illustration. I look forward to showing my creativity and design skills to the public in many ways through advanced work in the future.

'Survival' campaign - 'Don't Destroy Us'

I found that tribes who have decided to remain isolated from national society are being threatened by 'development' and also being forgotten in this world. So I wanted to make people aware of the existence of tribe and protect tribe from threats by accusing the world that treatens their lives. For this project, I decided to redesign the campaign 'Survival' for 'Omo valley tribes'.

Vincent Van Gogh : His life in art

For the 'Satellite' project I decided to make an art collection of Vincent Van Gogh who is my favourite artist.
I have written a thesis about a minimalist brand before, and from then on I was very interested in minimalist designs. Although the design is minimal, deep meaning is hidden in it. Therefore, in order to stimulate people's curiosity and attract interest, I decided to design Van Gogh paintings, which are widely known around the world, in the minimal way by using only simple shapes and colours.

'Little Korea Festival' - Korean street food festival

I designed the festival about Korean street food, which has traditionally been seen as a part of popular culture in South Korea. I wanted to make people from various countries interested in Korean culture through this festival.

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