Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Dominika Gemra
I'm passionate about creating solutions that impact people and drive positive change to our world. I believe as designers we have responsibility to put it at the heart of everything we do. I work across human-centred, sustainable and problem-solving design.

Flwow! Period Education

There are 800 million people menstruating on any given day. Periods are a natural body function yet over centuries they became surrounded with taboos, stigmas and shame - most of them arise from lack of knowledge. 26% of people in UK didn’t know what to do when they got their first period! At the moment menstruation is branded as feminine hygiene and is almost a 100% gendered market excluding transgender and nonbinary community. Flwow! Wants to change that with proper, honest and inclusive education. Offering 3 unique gender-neutral guides, an online platform and organised lectures to teach young menstruators, their friends and parents about periods so they know how to properly care for their body or provide support to their menstruating friend or child.

Flwow! Main purpose is to provide honest inclusive period education. It aims to empower young menstruators to know and care about their bodies properly. It is a first 100% gender-neutral, non-branded menstrual education service. Flwow! Tackles shame, genderism and profit-led industry with knowledge and inclusivity. It puts people in the very centre of it’s soul.

circle society

Platform for political engagement with customised desktop and filters that make the platform accessible for people with different disabilities. Despite the increased role of digital politics, we are experiencing constant decline in electoral turnout. Furthermore, most of the platforms are not accessible to disabled people contributing to social exclusion in democratic engagement. 1 in 5 citizens has a disability and many struggle to visit their local government websites. To answer the problem of crowded, hard to navigate council sites ‘circle society’ focuses on clear UX design, simpler language and incorporated AI. The platform has filters that adjust the design to fit people with different disabilities (adjustable text size, video captions). Since this problem appears on all levels of social engagement the platform is designed to be easily translated to both smaller and bigger usage (schools, societies, towns, cities).

The Image of Music

Promotional materials for a series of events devoted to music of the past century.
The Image of Music at V&A

This visual system is created through coding historical events and movements into pure shapes and colours. Each poster invites to one of the series of events. Every poster has different events, characters, movements and people encrypted in their pattern representing the spirit of the decade.

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