Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Daisy Woollard
I am a multidisciplinary creative with core interests in design, writing and music. As a designer, my strengths lie in Branding, Editorial and Digital Illustration, as well as having a keen eye for User Experience and User Interface Design.

Design is an opportunity for self-expression and a position to communicate and engage with people. Design is not just about the surface, the exterior, the stereotype of simply making things look pretty. Design is a framework and a platform to start conversations and provoke action, an opportunity to encourage perspective and a place to inspire change. As well as, of course, making the world around us a prettier place.

Last year I had the opportunity to delve into many facets of the creative industry. Alongside freelancing, I worked for a number of companies varying in their discipline, broadening my skill set and portfolio of responsibilities. From creating large scale event graphics at We Are Family (Creative events agency), to identifying brand language and UI consistency at Bunk (Digital renting start-up), to online content writing for METAL Magazine in Barcelona (Independent publisher).

I gained experience and insight into the way of the working world and the challenges, relationships and achievements that come with it. Leaving LCC and the GMD course, I am eager and excited to further navigate the creative industry and everything it has to offer.

De(vices) - Our dearly beloved mobile phones

This book is...cynical, satirical & dystopic - thought provoking & midly entertaining. A 42 versed rhyming narrative, concerning the nascent yet completely consuming relationship we have with our dearly beloved mobile phones.

Inspired by the shift in society and the rapid progression of our digital relationships, De(vices) - Our dearly beloved mobile phones is a publication that questions and comments on the effects and reality of our new digital interactions.

Written, art directed and produced by myself. Aesthetically inspired by The Medium is the Massage and The Age of Earthquakes.

DECADE // Fifty Fifty visual identity

DECADE is an annual time capsule festival experience that every year represents a different decade of history, culture and all things the world once new as reality. Inspired by the aesthetic, entertainment and everyday life of the 1950s, FiftyFifty is where it all begins on the journey, and the first of many like its kind to come. Held over a long weekend in the beach-side town of Brighton, Fifty Fifty is an all-immersive festival experience of nostalgia, dance and detail. A journey through time to an era so symbolic to our social history.

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