Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Coralie Zimmerman

My name is Coralie, I am a graphic designer born in the UK who grew up around the world. I take pride in being a designer who strives to make positive social change, relating to sustainability, accessibility, mental health, and LGBTIQ+ rights. My skills range from proficiency in digital design, to a passion for screen printing and creating physical solutions to today’s problems.

For more work, please visit my website or my instagram @coraliegraphics

Mind Over Matter: The Think5 Kit

The Think5 Kit is made for UAL freshers, and contains an item designed for each of our five senses. Each object was designed with the intent of reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and eradicating stigma surrounding mental health. For sight, my kit contains a sticker booklet with positive affirmations. The item for taste is a box of chamomile teabags, a stress ball is included for touch, aromatherapy rollerballs for smell and a rainmaker for hearing. Inside the kit is also a poster and leaflet explaining the items, providing hacks and tips for uni life, and how to get help with mental health issues at UAL as well as outside of uni and online. The Think5 Kit aims to eradicate stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness of available services at UAL and providing self-care items to all new students starting at UAL. In moments of anxiety or when experiencing feelings of depression, comfort can be found in the Think5 Kit.

Industry Practice: LoCalendar

Nowadays, young adults between the ages of 18-27 are spending too much time on social media and it is increasing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Seeing others put on a front of a ‘perfect lifestyle’ in order to gain popularity and liking, young adults feel an expectation to live up to this image, which has negative effects on mental health.

Watching the Age of Loneliness, a BBC documentary, showed that not only elders are affected by loneliness. From this insight, I conducted a survey on 30 individuals aged between 18 and 30 and gained knowledge into what makes people feel less lonely; the main response being chatting to friends and making plans. I interviewed the survey participants who ranked themselves as very lonely, and tested an app prototype on them, refining based on their feedback.

My solution is an app that once the user’s weekly work or uni schedule and their hobbies and interests are input, finds and schedules events tailored to their interests into their personalised timetable. This acts as the first push towards making new friends and going to social gatherings.

Try out the app yourself:

Generative Form: Playing Cards

This outcome results from a form of generative design, originating from my chosen object of a deck of playing cards. The process involved creating a set of rules for several participants to follow, which were observed and analysed using qualitative and quantitative methods. The data gathered was then transformed into experimentations, which were then refined to best communicate movement seen in a poker game.

My final outcome then became a set of playing cards, mirroring the format of standard playing cards yet removing the element of secrecy through the use of translucent acrylic. Each card displays movements in several poker games, following individual cards from the moment they are picked up to when they are put down. In this way, all meaning of winning or losing, strategy, and luck, are stripped down and only the movements of the game remain. The cards question the meaning and reasoning behind card games, revealing the act of playing cards in its simplest form – as a set of movements.

Visual Summaries

For each project, I designed, printed and bound a visual summary showing my process from research to experimentation to completion. Below are some spreads from my visual summaries for the above 3 projects.

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