Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Chloe Sin
Hello! I am Chloe, a communication designer, based everywhere.

I work on multi disciplines of design specialising on visual identity and editorial design. My designs are research based and often come with a sense of humour to address the design with the audience. I enjoy the process of doing digital design on screen but also traditional production such as book making and screen printing. I have had chances working with clients from both large and small organisations. My two years experience as freelancer and a member of small design studio allows me to work well independently, in a team as well. I am looking forward to show my creativity and design sense through my future work.

Bread Fest

Bread Fest is a weekend festival to celebrate bread from all around the world. It gather bakers to introduce their exclusive bread and foodies to take a bite to learn about world of bread.

The colourful and playful visual identity with the unique bread characters attracts audience to join this amazing festival through showing the delicious taste and dynamics of bread. A range of deliverable are designed including posters, lanyards, flyers, pins, packaging, stalls and social media promotion materials to show the joyful festival vibe.

object. — Umbrella

object., a zine that introduces one daily object in each issue.
 Not only shares basic facts about the object, but also its culture and creative side. The zine attempts to look from a more interesting perspective
to feature the object. It is for everyone who want to relax and learn to observe more about things around.

The first issue is about umbrella. The publication features umbrella not only introducing its structure, but also through a collection of art, cultures, social phenomenon and also creative thinkings to make a boring subject more interesting.

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