Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Chi Zhang
Learning how to communicate in a visual way during my undergraduate study at LCC has inspired me to continually being curious about this subject. Design and media can make such an amazing impact on our culture, I hope that my works could bring people deeper feelings and thoughts than just visually looks good. I’m always interested in the status of the group I’m in, such as international students or female which is highly connected with myself and that's why I want to always challenge myself by considering the way of living and thinking brought by my works.

Solar-term Chinese Street Food Festival

Solar-term is an important tradition from ancient China to guide the agricultural and farming activities.

This is an unique festival inspired by the solar-term customs and set in London, it is for both local people who are interested in Chinese Culture and Chinese people in London who miss traditional food. The festival will be held on the four major-date of four seasons. There will be different food and activities on each date according to seasonal elements. This Festival could bring people a unique experience of celebrating and appreciating the highlights of nature and season while people started to ignore in the city life.

As the festival is about celebrating the change of seasons by eat seasonal food or do certain activities, besides the normal publications for branding, I also designed a calendar set for this festival. It shows each solar-term dates and brief introductions. People could personalize it by using stamps and make their own souvenir, when they get the calendar, there are only color block on each page and when they attend the festival they could use stamps of certain patterns to “finish” the calendar images.


This is an interactive game using only simple words to create a poster of one-sentence poem.

It starts from the issue of lack of communication between international students and other student (feeling embarrassed of using language), than developed into creating an equal context via this interactive poster design.
People who play this game don’t know all the words when writing it but only know the meaning after it reveals at the end, it uses several different language to choose to write a poem which makes every one who is in an equal position when playing the game.

It aims to put people in a equal position when using language/ raise people’s awareness of being more tolerant of using different language /shows the diversity of our uni.

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