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Carolina Espinosa A.
Hey! I'm Carolina - Graphic Design graduate. I was born and raised in London and lived six years in Cali, Colombia. I am a multidisciplinary designer with great interests in editorial layout and branding. I enjoy creating vibrant, simple and purposeful design.

Alongside my experience at university, I have worked in post production of 3d renders at The Design Solution, London.

Recetas de Mamá e Hija

Recetas de Mamá e Hija is an editorial that embodies the mother/daughter relationship and dynamic whilst cooking. Inspired by my own unique experience, I created this recipe book to allow others to enjoy wholesome food at home. Keeping in mind daily life, the aesthetic caters to the target audience of my brand. These elements are all reflected in choices I made throughout the project such as; paper (gsm), colours, typeface, layout, food styling, editing, etc. Additional to the editorial element, I designed branded outcomes that respond to my audiences wants and needs.

"This book holds recipes that have been the heart of many moments in my life. For instance, as soon as the temperature drops in London, my mum goes to the shop to buy condensed milk and cream, then the rice pudding season begins. When the temperature starts going up a bit, you’ll find my mum either watering her summer plants in the garden or grating coconut for ice cream lollies. I must say, my passion for food has definitely grown from the amazing meals I’ve had at home (gracias mami)."

Recetas de Mamá e Hija - Social media / Website

Branding of Recetas de Mamá e Hija.

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