Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Carina Figueiredo
Hey, I'm Carina.
I'm a Graphic Designer focused on sustainability. For the last 5 years, I have been passionate about this topic and since then I have been constantly refining my skills, knowledge, and solutions. My skillset ranges from Adobe, Sketch, Principle, bio-materials, plastics, research and event organization.

Throughout my time at university, I have undertaken internships with companies such as Better Future Factory and freelancing for UAL and Happenstance Workshop. As well as working, I launched an event called Melt it. In order to bring awareness to design students about their waste consumption.

Currently, I am the marketing & events executive at No Planet B Community. Also, I am the founder of Two Half, an online platform that thrives to make sustainable living easier for the everyday consumer.

Check my portfolio for more work.

Two Half

Two Half is your supportive friend on your journey towards an ethical lifestyle.

We do the hard work for you, helping you browse all your favorite products with peace of mind, knowing our platform only lists products that meet our rigorous ethical standards.

We are living in an age of change, but with change comes greenwashing and confusion.

Our platform breaks down barriers to change for a better future.
Empowering the everyday person to make better, easier and more affordable decisions than ever before.

Let us tie the knot and align your values with the brands you’ll love.

Dying Earth

This video is part of the interaction material of an exihibiton.

The Scoby represents the planet Earth. In which we all know is dying.
Each syringe, with the respective colors, red, white, green and yellow represent the different polluting industries.

On the exhibition, attendees will deliberately have the choice to choose the color and group of industries they will inject on the planet environment, the water. We all contribute to the actual impact of this planet, but sometimes without even realizing. Our choice of buying something is not directly associated with the release of chemicals and so on, by making the syringes accessible to the attendees we are putting the problem in their hands.

After the first couple of injections, the water will be too polluted to make us able to see the Scoby. Once again, exactly what is happening to our planet. The pollution stops us to have fresh air, clean water or even any nature around us.
At the end of the exhibition, the Scoby will be dark by absorbing all the colors injected in the water.
On the video, there is a message of hope, where after all of the injections and colors getting in the water, we see the effect going back to the beginning of a clean and fragile Eart.

With this, I want to communicate the power that we as citizens of this planet have on saving Earth, where things can be changed but we have to act quickly otherwise the polluting in

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