Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Benedict Povey
Benedict is a collaborative graphic designer who has worked with brands small and large. Currently living in London, I love messing with type, colour, materials, ink, pixels, and paper. I have experience working in studios as small as 3 people as well as 100+.

Graphic Automation - The effect of digital automation on design judgment

Technology continues to provide graphic designers new scope to their abilities, but do we need to be critical of these tools and have we lost the ability to judge design in a digital age? This book examines some of the overlooked issues created when designers rely on technology.

There are two sections to this book. The first is a collection of writings which looks at the issue of design and technology. The second section is a visual response that aims to be free from ‘industry standard’ tools and analyses what it might be like for artificial intelligence to judge design.

If artificial intelligence were going to judge design, it would do it in the only way it knows how—through objective calculations. Although AI will probably never be able to calculate the reasons why designers say ‘I like it’ when they encounter visual design, it is worth considering what might happen if it tried.

The contents of the second section have been created by an algorithm that searches for vibrant colour in design, colour being an element of visual design which provokes a reaction from designers. The images that have been fed into the algorithm are of two types; prominent work designed by established designers and collected printed ephemera.

Jet Wash Culture - The Image of Music

A visual system that promotes a series of events that explore the evolution of visual culture through the form of music.


Industry Practice

A chance to gain further understanding of the practices, processes and the discourse surrounding the creative/communication industries.

This project looks at using human centered design methodologies to highlight the often-overlooked cycle path outside of the London College of Communication. Presented as a folding publication, the project shows a journey of research and creative problem solving.

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