Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Aydin Mustafa
I am Aydin, a multidisciplinary designer with a strong passion for graphic design, motion graphics and art direction. My projects are concept driven, they explore themes and techniques that push my technical skill-set to present distinct messages.

During a work placement year I have worked at Apple, Pentagram and DixonBaxi. Due to my ambition to constantly explore new ways of working I love getting hands on with projects ensuring they make an impact.


OFFSCREEN Festival gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the gaming industry. Giving an insight to the production process’s of motion capture, character design, cinematography and many more the festival encourages a diverse audience.

The square based typeface is inspired from the underlying structure of games, pixels. The use of the opening window represents the idea of opening gaming to new audiences. Outcomes range from marketing, stage graphics, an interactive app and merchandise.

Blood And Land

Inspired by the historic time of the wipeout of Native Americans ‘Blood And Land’ is a new documentary series that showcases the tragic invasion of this culture.

Native patterns is seen to be the cultures method of visually communicating their stories, creating decay and overlaying it over the patterns captures the feeling of invasion. Screen printng the patterns with water gives the shapes a textural quality which enhances the feeling of decay.

Broadcast Package for Horse Racing

Re-imagining Horse Racings broadcast system I took inspiration from its stadium graphics to inspire a cleaner and bolder identity. The motion theory was inspired by the motion of a horses gallop. Each assets animates onto screen with a under-layer of white, the double hit of colour captures the galloping motion allowing the package to feel fully distinct to this sport.

Idents were inspired by jockeys silks. The repetition of shapes captures the high pace nature of the sport in an expressive manner.

Visual Summary

Visual Summary for my final two major projects. The cover was screen printed using silver ink.

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