Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Anna Sycheva
I am interested in 3d modeling, virtual reality, and creative coding.

Reusable Packaging // Encapsulating Georgian traditions

What’s unique?

Wine elaborated in clay pots. It’s a tribute to the land, to the origins (Georgia). That’s why I wanted the bottles itself to come from clay, as the wines do...


The wine bottle becomes a porcelain vase. The container is additionally matched with a wooden coaster that bears weight and also better decorates the product. I put a twig of dried flowers and a user manual in the package to tell users the best way of secondarily using the container. In this way, when the product is used up, the container can still be placed as an ornament in our life.

Student ID card, UAL

This project is focused on the EMOTIONAL WELL BEING of UAL students. The new Student ID card will help you to manage your emotions, in real-time.

Every student has their student ID card, so I decided to modify it in a way that students can use it to manage their stress level.

A tech solution for mental health with a focus on anxiety and depression of UAL students.

1. Any changes in the person’s heartbeat are visualized by different colours on the watch screen, so the person can track his emotional/ heart health.

2. When the heartbeat too Low/High, the watch will automatically visualize it on the screen, and tell you instructions on what to do next, e.g. breath deeply or call a doctor. Potentially, you can connect this student ID card to your phone, so it will send an automatic text to your friends, saying that you are feeling unwell.


Imagine Siri with a personality that feels and thinks like a real person. The OS1 upgrade is designed to have a personality, to learn from you and about you the way another person would and to interact on a genuine human level.

Virtua Reality gives an opportunity for the audience to live the life of another person. In our case, it’s a young man (nameless), who has difficulty expressing his own emotions and communicating with people.

Then one day, he decided to install A.I. SIRI, an artificial intelligence operating system that thinks and feels for herself.

An immersive 2min VR experience which shows an emotional interaction between a man and his artificially intelligent virtual assistant, LeeLoo

P.S. Although the level of A.I. used in this project is many, many years ahead of where we are today.

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