Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Anete Sreibere
Hi, I'm Anete! I like to explore the space between digital and physical ways of creating. I very much enjoy traditional ways of creating such as screen printing and book making, as well as creating 3D objects using various methods and materials. At the same time, I am very interested in the digital world of design, mostly animation and illustration. I like to draw inspiration from my surroundings and everyday situations. I've had experience working in both, larger and smaller studios and I am looking forward to my future design endeavours.

Mars Welcome Festival

00 is a festival that welcomes new arrivals on Mars(next Martians). Festival takes place every two years and follows approximately 56 days long journey on space craft, that prepares next Martians for life on Mars. 00 celebrates new arrivals with music and activities, and brings new and existing Martians together. Each participants receives a bespoke welcome backpack, that contains various items for the journey, as well as a program and a map for the festival.

Infinity City

Infinity City explores movement within the city. I looked at different types of movements that happens in the city - weather, people, animals, transport and building. Building within the city never stops, city changes each hour. As a final outcome I created 24 short animations using the same module and different movements. Each animations also uses the colours of the time of the day. Different possible compositions have been collected in a book, that resembles a building itself, by having print on all of the edges.


RERRL is a response to Material Type brief, which ask to emphasise the meaning of the text by using materials. "Real Eyes Realise Real Lies" can be viewed as a cliche and have been over used in certain cultures. I looked at the text from personal point of view and what it means to me. Realisation is a process that happens with time, learning and processing information. I've used gear mechanism to create an object that asks for interaction, in order to read the text.

Industry Practise

This poster celebrates the process of screen printing. It’s a “not so serious” guide for those who are new to the technique and a celebratory poster to those who know what it is all about.

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