Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Alicia Tennant
Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a multidisciplinary designer specialising in illustration, editorial design, textiles and branding but above all, social design. I am particularly passionate about how design can be used to target local and global issues such as plastic pollution. Below are a number of projects I have completed during my final year at London College of Communication.

Wear Your Mind

This project is an anti-cyberbullying campaign that focuses on social media culture through the use of traditional design methods. I wanted to explore how easy and quick it is to submit a tweet or a comment on social media apps, whereas, if users had to use traditional techniques, would people be so quick and forward to broadcast their opinions. I wonder how people would behave online if they had to display their tweets and comments on themselves or had to take the time to write them e.g. sewing instead of typing it on keyboard. The shirt is handmade and displays a real tweet embroidered on the pocket. The denim jacket has been upcycled and displays the comment 'F*CKING STUPID' on the collar which is a comment found on Instagram.

FWD Festival

FWD Festival is a festival that focuses on arts and mental health. The visual identity for this project includes a line drawing and bright pattern. The line drawing is an abstract visual interpretation of mental health and the pattern demonstrates the aesthetics of an extreme close up of a brain. FWD Festival hopes to overcome the stigma around mental health.

GAEA Elements

This project was a self-initiated project that focuses on providing an alternative to plastic products within the beauty and cosmetics industry. I created a brand called GAEA Elements which is a service that provides ethically and environmentally friendly products and information on how to live waste-free. The outcomes for this project include a packaging box, brand guidelines, a website, labels, a product booklet and a visual summary.

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