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Alice Chachka
My name is Alice and I am a graphic designer, specialising in digital design and branding. I have gained work experience at leading design studios in London, where have been working on client pitches, designing branding assets across both digital and print mediums and developing fresh ideas for client projects. I believe that a 21st Century graphic designer should be an expert in both digital and branding design – today, the two go hand in hand and should not be separated. Driven by the creation of beauty, I pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic of my work but I also like it to be functional and innovative.

Some of the most common themes in my work are digital technologies, fashion, image-making, people and social media.

Digital Maximalist

Even though I position myself primarily as a digital designer, it doesn’t mean that I only do digital work.

Digital Maximalist is an editorial publication that talks about the digital overload that many of us experience in our lives in the 21st Century.

How many emails, notifications and text messages do we receive daily? Why do we keep so many photographs on our phones? Why do we follow hundreds of people on social media when we only really care about a dozen? Why do we have so many gadgets?

This project aims to explore the relationship between people and digital media. It also tries to answer if digital maximalism has a substantially negative impact on people and if not, what are the advantages of it.

The publication includes interviews with worldwide known creatives to find out how is the digital maximalism affecting the creative industries. It also includes a special interview with a well-known astrologer to find out what the future of this digital phenomenon is looking like.

London Fashion Week Festival A/W 2029

This unique concept for the London Fashion Week Festival 2029 represents anonymity and body image.

Its graphic system is inspired by the post office / mail theme. We are sending messages to the future, questioning what will fashion and society look like in 2029.

I put together the material and the human, wondering what will it mean to be a human in 2029 and how human body and its perception will have changed over upcoming decade.

Self-care, body positivity, gender neutrality. I am putting emphasis on how this could be expanded in the future and how will it affect fashion and society.

The posters are digital and they are animated. Since the digital has been seamlessly blending into our reality, it is fair to imagine that in 10 years time we will use technology even more that we are now. The future festival will use less print material, with the only absolutely necessary printed stuff left, such as goodie bags or brochures.

Scratchline Tattoo

This project is a brand identity redesign, digital look book and website design for an existing London tattoo studio, Scratchline tattoo.

The perception of tattoos has changed over the last decade - new styles have appeared, tattoos have become more socially accepted and free from stereotypes or sub-cultural affiliation. However, there are still plenty of tattoo studios brand image of which could have been improved in order to respond to the new perception of the industry.

The project includes a redesign of the studio's website, the artists' pages, a digital look book and a set of brand guidelines. The app of this studio works offline, so it is more handy to use anywhere and includes a digital business card.

In this project, I was aiming to merge print and digital design in a unique brutalist design inspired layout.

Original Stories (SIP)

View this project live: @myoriginalstory_campaign

Instagram campaign and guidelines for my project, an online magazine called Original Stories. The main concept of the magazine is to share the career journeys of people who have come to success in creative industries. The aim of this magazine is for creatives to share their ups and downs to motivate and educate people who are trying to reach success in their selected creative industry.
The campaign is for people to post a photo of themselves or their work and to share their creative success stories. Then, 3 of the best posts would be shared in the next issue of the magazine.

For this project, I have designed two Instagram pages: one that advertises the campaign for people to participate in and the other page includes the guidelines of the campaign for the designers working for the Original Stories Magazine.

Inspired by the magazines. I used textures, text, captions and the photography style found in magazines to create collages and form the visual identity of the campaign.

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