Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Alba Urquia
London based multidisciplinary creative specially focused on illustration, printmaking and much recently, moving image. Although immersed in the digital age, my work aims to explore the physical world by paying close attention to the production methods and the possibilities of mixed media. The intricate aesthetic value of my work is informed by a combination of processes and mediums and its framed by compelling storytelling skills, which altogether configure the core of my practice. At the moment, I am keen to carry on experimenting with motion and analogue methods.

Printing in the Far East

‘Printing in the Far East’ is an informative animation that aims to consider the importance of Asian cultures in the development of print centuries before printing technologies spread across Europe. In summary, explain the history of print from a non-Western point of view, acknowledging all the contributions made by those who lived and worked before Johannes Gutenberg.

In order to construct a visual narrative that matched the concept of the animation, I coloured all the elements using colour swatches printed using letterpress to obtain a variety of textures and tonalities that can only be achieved in print. The limited colour palette resonates with the colours used in Medieval art. Each scene is constructed by different vignettes that resemble the typecases used in letterpress to store type and the little square frames printed from actual type recall the typical asian ornamentation found in Asian architecture.

Elephant Crafts #Bauhaus100

Elephant Crafts' is a tribute to the crafts, the workshop labour, and specially to printmakers. This stop motion was inspired by 'The Dancing Dwarf', a story by Haruki Murakami and celebrates the 100 anniversary since the opening of the Bauhaus. All the elements on the screen are produced using analogue methods and avoiding digital technology whenever it was possible.

Over 180 cut-outs elements from 105 dry-point prints and 21 photo-lithographs were used to depict the craftsmen working on the creation of an elephant. The intertitles are fragments from the Bauhaus Manifesto by Walter Gropius and are produced as photograms.

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