Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Agathe Trouette
Hello, I'm French.

I have a particular interest for storytelling, especially in films and photography. I enjoy developing singular and strong concept for each project I am involved in. I enjoy collaboration as I believe that we have much to learn from each others ideas and methods.


Unrest is a sports clothing brand based on an upcycling system. They collect clothing from a warehouse in Aquitaine -Le Relai, France which gather 20 tons a day of clothes that have been give away. They deconstruct the clothes, save the reusable fabric and reconstruct new items of clothing from them.

This project includes multiple outcomes. Introduction video for social media, adverts or website ; Packagings ; Booklet of information / Manifesto and a book which gather my researches and process of designing.

How to Construct Instagram Likes ?

Mixing 3D, bold type and moving images, my desire is to highlight how easy it is to construct the "perfect" image. There are key elements to include during the staging.
This video aims to criticize unhealthy Instagram's users behaviours when using the app. According to Mental Health studies, no matter the statue of the user - active or passive - everyone gets affected by social medias especially Instagram . We see problems rising affecting egos and self-confidence which sometimes lead to depression or other mental illnesses.

Visualise Emotion

We are driven by our individual emotions. I believe that expressing them is crucial. Visualise Emotion gathers people’s stories that echo back to specific feelings. Each video visualises one emotion using the theme of nature. Everything was filmed with a Super 8 camera.

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